CASH or PayPal payment ONLY

If you find a size of a photo you like to purchase (or digital file) please email me and I will send you PayPal payment request.  


Thank you for checking out my photography site. I take photos of almost anything. If you have a event of any kind and would like to capture it on a photo please e-mail me @ [email protected] 


I will accept PayPal, please e-mail me @ [email protected] to set up the purchase. Digital files are available from the event photos (artistic work is not included). Price for digital file is $ 150.00 for a high rez. photo (2 for $275.00). Files will be e-mailed to you after payment has received. NO REFUNDS at any time. Thank you.

Package "A" Package "B"

Package "C"

Sports Event Photoshoot Photoshoot
Minimum of 2 hrs of photoshoot

up to 1 hour of

photoshoot at location

up to 1 hour of photoshoot at location 
$ 180.00 each hour after that. You will get a cd or download from my site full resolution photos (up to 5 photos). This is a La Carte option 
You will get to download originals from my site with full resolution photos (min. 25 photos)  To get more photos you add $25.00 for each added photo. Please refer to the photo price list for each photo (hard copies only, no cd) 
$ 500.00  $ 250.00 $ 175.00 + photos 


A La Carte prices (with photoshoot):

  4x6      $5.00 *10x13   $25.00 *16x20  $60.00
*5x7     $10.00   10x15   $25.00 *20x24  $75.00
*8x10   $15.00 *11x14   $40.00   20x30  $90.00
 8x12   $15.00   12x18   $55.00 *24x36  $120.00


Photos on canvas on (1.5'' bars): + $100.00

Photos on metallic paper: + $40.00                                                       


* These photo sizes have a crop factor, when printed part of the image will be cut out, just keep that in mind when ordering prints, thank you.                        


Any events, like a birthday party, wedding etc. please e-mail me for the price at [email protected].


My artistic work price list or a single image from a specific event:

 4x6       $45.00               *5x7        $50.00           

*8x10       $75.00              12x18    $180.00

 8x12       $75.00              *16x20   $250.00

*10x13    $100.00             *20x24   $280.00

10x15     $100.00              20x30    $300.00

*11x14    $145.00             24x36     $375.00

More sizes available by request

Photo on canvas (no mounting):   + $100.00

Photo on metallic paper:    +   $40.00

Photo on Aluminum:           +   $150.00



+ $ 15.00 s&h (if needs to be shipped) 


Logo design and business card price packages

Your Logo, Your Business Card, Your Brand!!!! Give me you concept and I will work on your design. Once I have worked on your product I will make changes as needed. Each  revision (change) is charge of $45.00. Check below for package price list


Package 1 Package 2 Package 3

Design a logo concept   

Design 2 logo concepts Design 3 logo concepts
1 free revision 2 free revisions 3 free revisions
extra revisions $45.00 each extra revisions $45.00 each  extra revisions $45.00 each
$ 95.00 $150.00 $225.00


Photo Restoration, Edits and Enhancement

Have a damaged or faded photo? I will fix it for you. You can email me your scanned (high resolution) photo. I can fix black and white or color photos. Will give you downloadable file on your fixed photo or I can print a new photo for you. Will fix:

* Add people, objects

* People, object removal

* Red eye

* Faded photos

* Stain and scratch removal

* Color corrections

* Recreate missing peaces

* Retouch your image

* Change the color of the eyes

* Any other edits

Each revision (fix) you want to add (after my restoration) is EXTRA $ 45.00. If you have any other fixes or enhancements you need to get done and you do not see it in a list please email me at [email protected]. Photo price for restoration vary on a extend of a damage  


Restoration Price 1  Restoration Price 2 Restoration Price 3
Light retouch, red eye, few spots More retouch, scratches, spots, red eye Extensive Retouch, red eye, scratches, spots, color correction, recreate missing pieces
$75.00-$125.00 $125.00-$175-00 $175.00-250.00