Sports and action photographer in Seattle Washington, nature, scape photography | Flowers,Plants,Trees

This is a gallery were I display some nature shots. Most of them flowers, plants, trees.
Bird photography at Magnuson Park, Washington, Plants, Nature, 2026Bird photography at Magnuson Park, Washington, Plants, Nature, 20053, Glowing effect photography, yellow flower, Emmele Photography5, Painterly Effect, Trees, Nature276, Funky Tree, Texture effect, Nature Photography252, Purple Tulip, Bellingrath Gardens, Flower Photography251, Yellow Tulip, Bellingrath Gardens, Flower Photography250, Purple Orchid, Flower Photography248, Flower in Bellingrath Gardens, Theodore Alabama, Flower Photography02-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_770702-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_0770702-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_770402-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_765302-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_764402-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_760702-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_753502-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_752402-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_0751202-17-2014, Fairhope,  Alabama, hdr, DSC_7513"plants photography","beautiful flower photography","awesome tree photography","really beautiful nature photography in pensacola florida","cool pictures of trees plants and flowers","all kind of pics"