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Some of my work has been published on different websites. Most of them has been used on Blue Wahoos and University of West Florida site
1, Blue Wahoos site, 2013,  Ray Chang, baseball3, UWF ARGOS SITE, cross country running, 2013, Chelsea Humbert2, Blue Wahoos Baseball Website, 2013, Donald Lutz, baseball player, screenshot4, Screenshot from North Escambia site, Blue Wahoos, Kyle Jensen, Screenshots, Published Work5, wesite screenshot, minor league baseball, Chad Rogers, 2013, Blue Wahoos6, screenshot from site, Shaun Ellis, 2013, Blue Wahoos baseball7, Blue Wahoos Baseball Team Trading Cards Set, season 20138, milb blog site screenshot, Blue wahoos Team, 20139, UWF Argos Site, womens swimming, Allison Lehr, 201310, UWF Argos site, womens basketball, Jasmine Wigfall, 201300Untitled0000Untitled000Untitled000ntitled0UntitledaaUntitledUntitled11zUntitledzzUntitled