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We like photography......yeah......We do not always carry our cameras with us. But what we almost always have....is a cellphone and most cellphone now come with a wonderful thing called CAMERA:). This gallery here will display some of my work done with the cellphone. Most photos here are edited in camera using camera settings or with downloaded apps.
19, Board Games, Phone Photography, Phonetography, Phoneography18, Reflections, Phone Photography, Phonetography, Phoneography17, Eden Gardens, Florida, Phone Photography, Phonetography, Phoneography16, Old Sub, Phone Photography, Phonetography, Phoneography15, old cars, Crawfordville, Wakulla county, route 319, infrared filter effect panorama14, old cars, Crawfordville, Wakulla county, route 319, old looking texture effect13, old cars, Crawfordville, Wakulla county, route 319, hdr panorama12, old cars, Crawfordville, Wakulla county, route 319, black and white panorama11, Otttis castle for remembrance of Jesus Christ, sephia tone, Phonetography Photos10, Flagler College Ceiling, cool hdr effect, Phonetography Photos9, Flagler College ceiling effect, Phonetography Photos8, Conch Marina Boats at St Augustine, Phonetography Photos7, 4 Cute little frog statues at St Augustine Florida6, Otttis Castle landscape sculpture dedicated for Jesus Christ at St Augustine Florida5, Conch Marina at St Augustine Florida, Phonetography Photos4, Statue with the special effect at St Augustine Florida, Phonetography Photos1, Car by the church, Wright Place at Pensacola Florida, Phone,  Phonetography2, Otttis Castle dedicated to Jesus Christ, St Augustine Florida, Phonetography Photos3, Wheel of a car, Phonetography Photos19, Graffiti Art on the Ground By 17th Street, HDR Photography, Pensacola Florida

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