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These are beautiful painterly effects of my photography work. Can be perfect on canvas wall art. Realistic paint, oil, pencil art
1, Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier in painting effect, Painterly Effect5, Painterly Effect, Trees, Nature7, Church in Pensacola Florida, Pencil drawing effect, Digital Composition8, Angled towards the sky, Pencil Art, Digital Composition9, Music store in Pensacola Florida, Pencil Art Photography, Digital Composition11, Beautiful yellow and orange flower in canvas texture, photoshop1-17-2015, Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum, 0044371-17-2015, Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum, 044881-17-2015, Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum, 45431-17-2015, Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum, swastica on a German plane wing, 0434602-27-2015, Burlesque Show, Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, Florida, Painterly effect, 0019278, Beauitiful foggy sunset at the peanut farm

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